Top Rated Leaf Guard Protection! 

bulldog-logo_Gutter Guard
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#1 Choice for existing gutter system and highly recommended!


Bulldog Gutter Guard is an excellent choice against leaf protection!

1. It gets the job done

2. If you ever have to remove the system for whatever reason it is easily detachable and can be easily re-attached.  

3. This is a very effective system because of the way it attaches to the front and rear side of the gutter with machine screws. This leaf guard will not cave into the gutter because it is screwed into place.

Leaf Relief_Logo Gutter Guard
Leaf Relief Image.jpg

#1 Choice for new installations and highly recommended!

Leaf Relief strong and durable!

1. It get the job done

2. It's not detachable but the way it attaches to the gutter makes your actual gutter stronger because over time your gutters expand and contract with the heat and cold elements of seasonal climate changes. If you click on the leaf relief image and take a closer look at the locking mechanism you will see how the back side has a lip to interlock the leaf guard to the gutter itself and the front side also interlocks to the curling lip on the front side making this system highly durable to both the gutter and leaf guard system.

3. Only available for new Installations.