Roof System Components
roofing components.png

1. Roof Covering: Shingles or metal are the most common types.  You could also have slate or tile.

2. Sheathing:  These are the boards or sheeting material that is fastened to the rafters to cover your house.

3. Roof Structure:  Rafters and trusses make the support for your roof.

4. Flashing:  This is the material thats installed in your roofs joints and valley to protect your home from leaking and water seepage.

5. Drainage:   How well does your roof shed water?  That depends on the design, shape, and slope of you roof.

6. Ventilation:  Venting your roof properly is an important component of the roofing system.

The next step is to understand when to replace or repair your roof.  A complete roof inspection can determine any existing problems that can be repaired and whether or not it's more cost effective to repair or replace the entire roof or just a portion of the roof.  


Whatever the process maybe the experts at ResPros Roofing, Siding & Gutters can guide you through the process of choosing the correct materials for your particular roof.